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[Gambit vs Rogue] Over 26.5 Rounds, 1.83 | Low Bet

The map played today is Mirage. Both teams have a fairly inconsistent period right now. Being able to upset games whilst losing games they should win.

If we just look at the map, Gambit have been playing Mirage three times the last three months – winning two and losing one. All three games were even and against teams which Gambit should be better than on paper.

Rogue have been playing the map 15 times the last three months, winning 9 times and losing 6 times. Again, besides matches were Rogue have been the clear favorites and just stomped the opponent, most matches have been really close – regardless if the map was eventually won by them or not.

These statistics makes me believe that the matchup will end up over 26.5 Rounds.

I am also prone to making an extremely small bet on Rogue, as you will get 2.62 @Bet365.

[Rogue vs Space Soldiers] Over 26.5 Rounds, 1.97 @Bethard | Low Bet

Again, we do not have a review on Bethard yet – but they are offering great odds on this match, and I do not want to hide that 😊

These two met each other 7 January 2017 on Inferno and back then Rogue managed to beat SS 16-14. And guess what map it is today? Inferno. Even though that isn’t proof enough to bet on Rogue it can still give us some guidance.

Why not?

Well, Space Soldiers is extremely strong on Inferno. It is one of their best, if not the very best, maps. They even managed to win against on it a couple of days ago. In fact, the last six games SS played Inferno, they managed to win them all – except against Rogue.

This bet is riskier than my first bet of the day, but I believe there is a chance of Rogue to score more than 10 points, even though I believe Space Soldiers will eventually win. The bet shows value as Bethard gave that generous price for the slip.