csgo tips

[Tengri vs Tricked] – ML Tricked, 1.9 @Bet365 | Low bet

Tricked is more used to playing against better teams than Tengri. Both teams are good – but considering the experience in Tricked I am glad to see that the bookmakers are seeing this game as an even matchup.

In a Best of Three I think Tricked will come out on top.

[Tricked vs RANKS] – Map Handicap +1.5, 1.95 @Betway | Low bet

What I am thinking is that RANKS will take one map from Tricked. I wouldn’t go so far to say that they are better than Tricked but the team seems pretty compact. devoduvek, hadji and AmaNEk are all players that have played together since before which makes me believe that they can show up with consistency.

If they look good in this BO3 against Tricked you might want to consider an upset against Red Reserve as well – but I will put a pin into that bet and see what happens here first.

[Red Reserve vs EURONICS] – Handicap -3.5, 1.83 @Bet365 | Low bet

Red Reserve, the newly formed team (formerly known as Orbit) is a team of five Brazilians. During their period at Orbit they were actually playing extremely good.

But this bet is more about EURONICS rather than RR. They have been losing to far worse team than RR, on far more important tournaments.