csgo betting tips


Yesterday was good enough, totally lost on the Fnatic game but Tengri showed up at least. Got a chance to play on DenDD vs MAXISAUCISSE as well which was nice. Felt like free cash as bookies weren’t aware of the changes made in the teams.

So today I am trying to keep my promise and show more predictions (without analysis) so you can follow all the bets I make. I am still working on a presentable spreadsheet.

[Vexilla vs Rush3d] – ML Vexilla, 2.25 @gg.bet | Low bet

Mainly playing the odds here. Most bookmakers give the teams a 1.8/1.9 odds situation in favor of Rush3d.

If you can’t find odds over 2 I would suggest skipping this one, but I got a decent 2.25.

The game itself is in no way a sure bet. Vexilla will probably have to play as good as they recently have in order to take this one. Let’s see what happens. Even since rush3d dropped Nickelback I just feel like the teams are playing like bots and just showing up at random times.

[Hellraisers vs Spirit] – Over 2.5 Maps, 2.1 @Betway | Low bet

Let’s see… Hellraisers continue to upset against tier-1 teams whilst choking against tier-Idontknow teams.

I think this matchup will be fairly even and being a best of three I believe Hellraisers will eventually come out on top – but in no way sure, I think betting on over 2.5 Maps present a better risk/reward profile.

[Pride vs Gambit] – Draw, 2.3 @Betway | Low bet-

The whole day is characterized by pretty risky bets. This one is no difference, even riskier – but still a decent chance to win on.

Looking at Gambit’s performance yesterday and Pride known for some upsets time to time, I believe that one of the maps will be close. If Pride can just take that one I will assume that the game will end up in a draw (being a BO2).

That’s it