csgo betting guide

CSGO Betting Guide

For anybody new to this game, here is Esportslobby’s CSGO betting guide.

Remember that this CSGO betting guide aims to give you what you need to make your own decisions, not actually make the decisions for you:)

Betting on esports is different from betting on traditional sport. However, betting on CSGO is not the same as betting on any other esports game. First a little bit about Counter-Strike Global Offensive; CSGO is a first-person shooter game that the company Valve is behind. It is a further development of the Counter-Strike series of games that Valve has developed. Since the introduction of CSGO it has reached to be one of the biggest esports games currently available.

So here comes the basics, and yes it is worth reading a csgo gambling guide if you are considering betting on the game.

Game Rules

A CSGO match-up between two teams are often played 5v5 and the game rules can vary. Maps are chosen from the current map pool (and are the most balanced map that exists in the game – something that can changes depending on updates). Games can be played in best of 1 (BO1), best of 2 (BO2), best of 3 (BO3) and best of 5 (BO5). This means that matches in CSGO can sometimes include a draw bet, and sometimes it doesn’t. Here is a thumb rule for match type:

  • Best of 1 (BO1) = Increased chance for unexpected results. Why? The map can be in favor of any or none of the teams.
  • Best of 2 (BO2) = more favorable to predict than BO1, but draw is possible.
  • Best of 3 (BO3) = The favorites in the match have a good chance to recover if losing a map.
  • Best of 5 (BO5) = Teams with a wide map pool (i.e. can play good on many maps) will have a larger chance to win.

Map Picks

An important aspect about map picks you need to remember is that most teams aren’t good at all maps. They usually do not have time to perfect their game on all maps. This means that maps in a match plays an important role in who is going to win. Also, maps are chosen differently depending on which event is hosting the match (ESL, ECS, EPICENTER, etc).

Odds can change drastically after the announcement of the maps. This means that you as a gambler can be one step ahead by knowing the teams well enough to make a good guess on which maps are ending up being played. If you become a good predictor, you will have the opportunity to bet before maps are announced. If not, waiting for maps to be announced can lower the risk but also the reward.

Team Information

Line-ups, individual players, past results and other factors can all affect the outcome of a game. Look for these factors when deciding on your bet:


Keeping yourself up to date about line-ups is very important. If a team is missing a key player you might get the opportunity to bet on the underdogs with a lower risk. Team play is like any other sports extremely important. Sure, you can have a couple of cluthes in a game – but ultimately you are putting your money on a team winning not that a single player will single handedly take 16 rounds. In CSGO some tournaments requires that the team consist of only one nationality. This means that the team needs to borrow another player and put some of their usual players on the bench. But regardless of reason, make sure that you know who’s playing and who’s in form.

Never go blindly on form. It is a great way to see how good teams are doing but losing and winnings streaks does not last forever.

Past Results

Besides the line-up, you need to follow all teams in a tournament you are gambling on. Are they on a winning or losing streak? While looking on historical data is one way, you will always get the best information by actually watching matches yourself.

Lan versus Online

Nerves, team play and surroundings all play an important role in CSGO. Playing online versus LAN can make a big difference for some teams. Make sure that you have studies how well the teams perform both online and LAN.


Teams might travel far to play some tournaments. Jet lags, bad sleep and long trips can affect how well a player performs. Check the players twitters – they might reveal if they needed to wake up early or other factors interesting to you bet.

Individual Practice Time

Stalk the players on steam. You will see how many hours they have played. If they haven’t played a lot the past two weeks, you should consider it a warning sign. Above 40 hours during two weeks is decent. Anything below is bad.

Betting Analysis

Predictions, blogs and recommendations can be found everywhere. Make sure that you only read from trusted sources and never forget that predictions are a guess on how the future will play out – never a certainty.

Reading other analysis could be a great source of easily accessible information, but never forget that they at the same time can be biased. Betting analysis can also give you a hint on how big of a risk a match is.

Why different odds at different sites?

Here are three different types of odds you might encounter: Decimal odds, fractional odds and implied probability.

Decimal Odds

The most used type of odds. It shows clearly how much you will profit from a win.

Example: a $10 bet on a 1.83 odds will give $18.3 – hence a $8.3 profit.

Fractional Odds

Not that common if you aren’t in the UK.

Example: A ½ odds would in decimal odds mean a 1.5 odds.

Implied Probability

This odds type is good to assess the risk of a game. A decimal odds of 2.0 would mean an implied probability of 50/50.

Example: A game has a 70/30 probability odds (or 70% on team 1 and 30% on team 2). Which would mean that the decimal odds would be 100/70 = 1.43 and 30/100 = 3.33 for team 1 and 2 respectively. This is most often used by predictors rather than betting sites to show what odds you should be looking for – and if the betting sites are offering lower odds, you might consider skipping.

CSGO Tips and Tricks

Besides the overall betting guide, here is some of our writers most important tips.

Never go full retard

You never, under any circumstance go all in on a bet. If you lose? What will you do? Stop betting for the rest of your life?

Skipping is Betting

This might be the best tips you can get in this csgo betting guide. You can always skip a bet. If you don’t see an opportunity, just sit back, relax and keep calm.

Match History

Chain logics is not logical. “Team 1 won against Team 2, and Team 2 beat Team 3” – this does NOT mean that Team 1 will win over Team 3.

For all bets, start from scratch in your analysis – making it as unbiased as possible.

Rage Betting

Oh yes, people place bets when angry. If you just lost a big bet? Remember that loosing is just as big a part of gambling as winning. Take it chill, continue on your rational streak and do not bet rashly to try and win back losses quickly.

Bet with Knowledge

Never try your luck. All your bets will end up being a gamble, what you can do is minimizing the risk (keeping in mind that it always is a risk). Therefore, always do the research and find as much information you can before making a decision.

Betting Sites Odds

Do not be fooled by the odds that betting sites offers. A 1.2 odds on Team 1 might seem like “an easy win”. But it could just as easily mean that the betting sites aren’t taking factors into consideration that you might possess. Bet365 Esports for instance is a perfect alternative when it comes to underdog betting!

Now, why talk about odds in a csgo betting guide? Because betting means that you are playing odds. You are not always betting on the team that you believe to be the best. Sometimes you are betting on the other team because their is value in that bet. Let’s say Astralis are up against Hellraisers. Most of us will say that Astralis is better right? But would you bet on Hellraisers if you get a 20x odds? Yes.

The goal of this CSGO betting guide was to give you the tools to make your own research, your own analysis and ultimately your own bets – hopefully now you can.

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Esportslobby’s CSGO Betting Guide
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