early odds betting

Many people lose a lot of money by assuming that esports betting is the same as other sportsbook. It isn’t.

This blogpost is about the endless discussion on whether you should bet on games early or late. As many of you guys know. Odds changes over the course of the time from when it is shown first on a bookmaker’s page, until the game starts (well… including live betting it ends when the game ends).

So, what is it? Bet early or bet late?

I am going to give you the lawyer answer and says it depends and rather give you a lesson in how odds work and especially how it works in Esports.

Betting Early vs Late!

First of all, the historical data to correctly price matches doesn’t exist for bookies in Esports. They often have to let the odds be adjusted whilst people are betting (this is done for most sports, but even more in esports). Some bookmakers even have fixed odds (which is idiotic, but very good for us!).

Dynamic and Fixed Odds

A bookmaker always needs to start somewhere (the instant you can bet on a game). These odds are often based on historical data.

But quickly depending on how we bettors react to those odds, bookies will change the odds accordingly. This is called dynamic odds.

Fixed odds is when the bookmaker doesn’t have a system in place to change the odds, and stay with their initial guess!

betting early

Early Bird Betting in Esports

As mentioned, in Esports bookmakers have a hard time figuring out odds themselves because of several reasons:

  • Not enough historical data.
  • Frequent roster changes
  • New games

If you can find a bookmaker with fixed odds, use ‘em! And tell me who it was because I don’t know any nowadays.

But even the dynamic odds are pretty weird. A favorite can become an underdog in matter of hours because of peoples betting patterns.

Million Dollar Question

Should you be betting early or late on esports?

Here are some of the guidelines to decide:

  • Use several bookmakers, you will find out that in close matches the bookies will decide on different favorites and underdogs – which means that you will be able to underdog-bet on a favorites! Here are two good combinations:
  • Always keep an eye on early odds, if you realize you can get a bargain, bet early! Don’t wait until the last minute to play your bets.