It is less than a month left until Dreamhack Masters starts in Malmö. That means it is time for us bettors to prepare. Do you know which teams are going to play? Which are in good form? Who the underdogs are?

As you probably figured, that’s the topic of today… preparation for Dreamhack Betting! I will try and be as detailed as possible, covering both information regarding the event and where you should take your business. But to start at the other end, the bookmakers I am extensively going to use are Aranebet and of course my go to bookmaker Betspawn!

Teams in Dreamhack Malmö 2017

As it is still a couple of weeks until the tournament starts we do not know the groups yet. But the here are the teams that are participating at least:

dreamhack malmö betting

The last three teams to qualify were EnVyUs, mousesports and Renegades. But that doesn’t mean that they are the worst teams in the event! I think you will find some upsets betting on NV and Renegades. Mousesports on the other hand… as they played really good at the Major – you will probably get great odds betting on the favorite!

More Underdogs?

The clear underdogs in this tournament are Renegades, B.O.O.T-dream[S]cape and Optic Gaming. We are used to seeing Tyloo has the Asian team playing in these European events. It’ll be interesting to see if they can do some upsets. I will myself be betting on them! But I guess you would call that a high-risk bet 😊

Roster Changes to Think About?


The most interesting one must be that GuardiaN will be playing for FaZe. It is too early to make an analysis on how that’ll work. My bet is that they will have the so called “honeymoon period” and go far in the event.

guardian to faze

If I am not mistaking, other changes are:

  • North will not be playing with Magiskboy

  • Na’Vi will of course not be playing with GuardiaN but also without seized.

  • Lowel is not playing for mousesports!

Where to Bet?

As I said earlier, my main places will be Arcanebet and Betspawn. But because underdog betting is such a huge part of CSGO betting – especially if you are a serious one, I believe I will have to be using Bet365 as well, for some of the skewed odds they sometimes offer!

Betting on Dreamhack – What’s Different?

First of all,

Betting on Dreamhack isn’t that different from other tournaments. The biggest difference you should know is that they are not going to use the swiss-format.

Double Elimination Group Format in CSGO

Dreamhack is characterized by using the double elimination group format. Which basically means, two losses and you are out, two wins and you are in the playoffs. It also means that all teams in a group doesn’t necessarily have to compete against each other. It’ll be four groups with four team each. Each group consists of 5 games in total. Four are played in BO1 and one is a BO3.

Now you might wonder of that works?

Let’s go through an example…

Group 1 consists of Team A, B, C and D!

In the first two games, A wins against B, and C wins against D.

The standing is:

  • Team A: 1-0
  • Team B: 0-1
  • Team C: 1-0
  • Team D: 0-1

In the second round, Team A will play against Team C (winners against each other), and Team B against Team D (losers against each other). And let’s say C wins and B loses.

The standing is now:

  • Team A: 1-1
  • Team B: 0-2
  • Team C: 2-0
  • Team D: 1-1

Now, Team C have won two games and are in the playoffs. Team B have lost two games and are out of the tournament.

All the above games have been played in Best of Ones. However, now – Team A plays against Team D in a Best of Three. Winner goes to the playoffs, loser goes home!

The difference here compared to the swiss-format is that not all games are BO1s, and as you all know – underdog betting for instance are a lot easier when in a BO1 compared to a BO3 and BO5 where the teams respective map pools plays a significant role!

Single Elimination Bracket – Playoffs

In the playoffs, the system will be single elimination bracket. Simple – you snooze you lose! One loss and you’re out!

Dreamhack Masters Malmö 2017

Now, just get ready for the upcoming $250.000 event! I think it is going to be an awesome one.

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