Bet365 Review  

The largest bookmaker in the world in terms of turnover, which naturally translates into a website where they know what they are doing and obviously appeal to their customers – including Bet365 Esports.

Unparalleled support, security & smooth payment options makes Bet365 a very stable bookmaker to place bets on, even if they don’t have the best bonus or odds margin available.

Bet365 is your Volvo of bookies, always stable & secure.

Bet365 Esports

Bet365 are marketing themselves as the number one bookie that will always have all sports to bet on. For now, that is true. They offer everything from traditional sport betting to esports betting (and they were one of the first to offer esports). You can find all kinds of esports bets on Bet365 in most games. What you shouldn’t expect is to be able to bet on all tier 3 teams/tournaments. During the review time period, all matches that the we wanted to bet on were available.

Bet365 have a stable supply of esports betting on their platform, both prelive and live making Bet365 interesting if you want to bet on esports. They have a wide range of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), League of Legends (LoL), Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Hearthstone and more.

Bet365 CSGO

Bet365 is one of the most established sportsbooks of them all, in the past they have focused more and more on csgo bets. They have been around for over 16 years and is one of the most trusted book maker in the world.

CSGO Market Varieties

Okay so Bet365 CSGO are really trying to offer the best market varieties to their users. When we were using the site – we found the following markets:

  • Money Line
    • Including betting on each map separately
  • Handicap
    • Both in terms of maps in case of BO3+ and in terms of rounds.
  • Winning at least one map
  • Pistol rounds (1th and 16th round)
  • Correct score

A con is that you cannot bet on combinations on 2xBO1. For instance, ESL Pro League have this match setup, but if you would like to bet on your team winning both maps as a combination, Bet365 will stop you. A bit annoying but maybe not a major problem.

In the end, we really liked the variety of markets that we were able to bet on. A big plus for Bet365 being a good place to bet on CSGO.

CSGO Live Betting

Bet365 CSGO is mainly known for their supply of live betting and there is no exception for esports, they offer many esports events for live betting. For CSGO you will mostly find bets on the winner and the pistol rounds for live bets. But that is actually the best out of all book makers. For now – book makers aren’t offering more creative live bets, such as “who throws the first grenade” or “who to make the first headshot”. Live betting on CSGO is just not where it should be and Bet365 could not provide with anything cool on that front.


You will find LAN matches as well. Even though Bet365 CSGO were really good at adding new matches as they were announced, it did happen that they missed a match or two. Overall, they were better than most book makers but not completely flawless.

Bet365 Dota 2

The product Bet365 Dota 2 is a good alternative if you are regularly betting on that game. They have several markets such as:

  • Match Winner
  • Right Result
  • Number of maps
  • Match Handicap
  • To win at least one map
  • Map Winner
  • First blood
  • First team to reach 10 kills

And sometimes even more. They do have live betting for Dota 2 as well but not for all events.

Bet365 League of Legends

The Bet365 League of Legends product is one of the best places to bet on LoL. Similar to Dota2, the markets are:

  • Match Winner
  • Right Result
  • Number of maps
  • Match Handicap
  • To win at least one map
  • Map Winner
  • First blood
  • First team to reach 10 kills

Actually, the coverage is really good. Including lower tier events!

Other Esports

Bet365 Esport have a reputation to withhold and they are therefore offering basically all esports. Even think you can ask them to add events you are missing.

They are working hard to always offer the best coverage – in order to reach an industry standard of “You won’t find anything that you can’t find here”.

Bet365 Bonus & Signup

New customers get a free 100% signup bonus of up to €100; you need to deposit at least €10 to receive the bonus. You also receive a 100% bonus when you place a bet on your smartphone or tablet; Bet365 will match your bet up too maximum €50. The bonus can vary depending on the country.

You will have to turn your money over six times before being able to withdraw your cash. Only bets over index 1.5 counts. PS. That is above average when it comes to rollover terms!

Bet365 Odds

Though not certain what odds margins Bet365 has for esports, their overall odds margin is 4.5%. As you all know, everything is relative and relatively speaking Bet365 has a really good odds margin – meaning that you won’t feel that they are stealing from you.

When it comes to Bet365 esports, the biggest values we have seen are;

  1. Underdog Betting – they usually offer good odds on the underdog
  2. Even Matches – Often when most bookies slightly favor one team over another they give different odds – Bet365 sometimes provides 1.83 between both team, making it worth to bet on the favorites.
  3. Live betting – you can earn a lot by using the operators live betting odds!

Bet365 Extra

Remember that the extra features do affect the overall rating of the bookie!

Bet 365 Customer Support

Bet365 customer support is flawless. They answer immediately and the operators always know what they are doing.

User Interface

The whole Bet365 site is flash based. Sometimes it felt like the site was loading slower than it should which was quite annoying. It also took a while understanding the way they presented all CSGO matches. First of all, you can’t sort for CSGO matches, and it was hard to get an overview of all matches at the same time.

Mobile Options

Bet365 do have an app for smartphones and its decent. Just like the website it doesn’t really provide with a good overview. But at least it was completely free from bugs and didn’t make the phone burn like other apps does.  And… just having an app is a plus in our eyes.

Payment Options

Bet365 has tons of different methods for deposit and withdrawals. When depositing you can choose between VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, paysafecard, entropay, trustly, bank wire and Cheque. This can be debit/credit cards, eWallets, Bank Transfers and checks. The minimum deposit found is around $5 and maximum up to $10,000. You can use the same methods for withdrawal!

Bet365 will probably make sure it is annoying to withdraw money. You will have to have your IBAN and BIC number available (your bank provides those) and probably forced to upload documents proving your identity.

Cash Outs

Bet365 offers cash outs before a match is over, both fully and partially. The service is not available for all events but most. This is nice as you can recover losses if you feel that a match isn’t going the right way or if you want to secure a win when a comeback is a possibility.

Example: Let’s say that you bet $10 on winning against Gamers2 at a 1.7 odds. If VP takes an 8-0 lead, you will be able to cash out a win somewhere between 10 and 17 dollars (probably somewhere between 13-16 dollars).


Bet365 do have a casino page as well for the one interested. We haven’t reviewed this site though.


Even though it wasn’t obvious, Bet365 offers a result-service. This is kind of great actually! It was very easy to sort for esports → tournament and eventually get an overview of all past results. Just to make sure that you readers know what I mean with results; I mean that you can see the results on all Pistol Rounds, all Handicaps, well yeah all bets that you could do on Bet365.


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