bet on low-tier csgo matches

Should you bet on lower Tier CSGO matches?

This weekend I was talking with some friends about bet on low-tier CSGO matches. Talking to them over the weekend made me want to write this post, most of all because I wanted to clarify if it is worth it to bet on low tier csgo matches. Is it profitable or even fun to bet on it, versus if it is better to just avoid betting on the games on the lower tiers. I will try to make an as objective post as possible, so you guys can decide for yourself whether or not to bet on lower tier csgo matches.

You can start asking yourself questions such as; If it is important to look up what maps each team likes at this level? How important player statistics are at this level? How important individual player performance is at this level? Let us try to analyse this by breaking it down in two categories, pros and cons of betting on lower tier matches.

The things to have in mind when you bet on low-tier CSGO matches!

Trying to keep it relatively short, I will keep the list to four things to have in mind to be successful when betting on low-tier matches. Listed below are the four things I found interesting to share and worth bringing to discussion.

  • Less information on teams/players
  • Individual performance more important than team strategy
  • High uncertainty
  • Avoid throws

Advantage against bookmakers when you bet on low-tier CSGO matches

If you are familiar to the lower tier matches, you have a chance of making good money, the bookies don’t know all that much about the teams, and don’t really have the time to do their proper research. This can work in your advantage as it means that you probably will know more than the bookmakers, making it easy to find value bets.

Very important with the individual performance

It is hard to find proper strategy for low-tier matches, they are almost non-existing. The individual performance is very important. In matches involving low-tier 2 or low-tier 3 teams map pool becomes less relevant and individual skills becomes much more relevant. Some say for tier 1 teams this doesn’t apply, but always good to have in mind.

For those who want good places to find information regarding teams and players, click here!

High uncertainty when betting on low tier CSGO matches

Many people claim the statistics you find on low-tier csgo matches are very inconsistent, which makes it very hard and risky to bet on. One person even compared winning when betting on low-tier matches as high chance of getting killed by a falling turtle. Yes, you get the memo =).

Avoiding throws

Unfortunately match fixing have been a problem in lower tier matches. So just for the reason of avoiding throws, skipping betting on low-tier matches for some is good enough reason.

Where to bet on low-tier csgo matches!

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That’s all for me for this time! Wish you all a great day. And GLHF with your betting. =)