Bet on CSGO Matches with Skins

Are you considering a bet on CSGO matches with skins? CSGO skin betting 2017 have changed tremendously since last year. Betting skins started off with a bad reputation, including “underage gambling” and more.

Top 3 bookmakers where you can bet on CSGO games with Skinpay 

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What have changed since then you might ask?

The big difference is that we have finally legit CSGO skin betting sites to choose from. I guess that betting sites with actual licenses realized the demand for gambling skins and finally decided to offer it. Whilst many bookmakers are lacking on this front, there are a couple of legit options today!

So, is it time to bet CSGO skins on matches nowadays? Yes, you can definitely do it as a complement to your cash betting.

CSGO Skin Betting

What should you do and what you avoid? It is kind of simple. If you are looking to bet skins on CSGO matches the first step is to find bookmakers that are legit. You can find our recommended list of skin betting sites down below.

Top 3 bookmakers where you can bet on games with Skins

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There are a lot of illegal CSGO skin betting sites that you can use and probably get away with it. But if something happens (like the time Valve put their foot down) – you risk losing all your money. This is because these illegitimate sites don’t have any responsibility to give you back your money/skins, and can literally do anything they want. SOME OF THEM doesn’t even have any terms and conditions!

With that said, there is still ‘old-era’ CSGO skin betting sites where you can bet skins on CSGO matches directly through steam. Back in 2015-2016, numerous websites popped up, usually backed by YouTubers and Twitch streamers with a huge following to promote them. Some of you may remember the CSGO gambling scandal back in June 2016 which lead to Valve shutting down websites like CSGOlotto, CSGOlounge, and many others.

Naturally, this tainted the industry by a considerable amount. However, as demand to bet on CSGO matches with skins has only increased since some websites have taken the steps to get a proper gambling license to run their operations.

bet csgo skins on matches

How to Bet Skins on CSGO Matches

For you guys that don’t already now how to bet skins on CSGO matches, most sites use Skinpay. Using Skinpay is pretty straightforward (and yes, it’s legit). You choose which skins you want to sell, a bot is created with an offer and your account is credited with the amount of the currency you are using (often USD).

Skin betting means that you use the inventory from CSGO and sell it on a platform to get a “real currency” to use for betting. So, when you have received your money it is from there on exactly the same as betting with cash. At least, this is how it works with the legit sites! That doesn’t hold your skins hostage in any way.

You could basically be able to sell your skins, and withdraw real money without even placing a bet!

bet csgo skins

Skin Betting Sites 2017

Even though VALVE did their thing against a lot of skin gambling sites you can still find a whole bunch of them.

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Therefore, we have decided to only expand our list to a total of four sites. It might expand to more skin betting sites, but for now – this is all we can recommend with a 100% certainty that they are legit.

how to bet on csgo matches with skins
[Total: 7    Average: 4.1/5]
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ggbet skin betting
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Okay, so if CSGO skin betting on matches is important for you – consider the above sites. I am not saying that these are the best cash betting sites in overall, for that you should read our reviews and decide on which are the best for you. But if you want a bookmaker where you can bet skins on CSGO matches these are by far the best, and frankly, the only choices you have.

UPDATE: Check out or Top Esports Betting Sites 2018 list for a more fresh and in-depth analysis for all your needs going into the new year!

Why are these sites legit?

All listed sites have a legit license to operate as a gambling company. And as long as you follow the terms and conditions you should not have any problem with them. This can NOT be said for any other skin gambling sites, as they might hold your funds and inventory without paying back.

Bet Skins on Matches

Remember, that you are able to bet skins on matches besides CSGO. First of all, skins are huge in Dota 2 as well. But what I mean is that because the sites I have listed doesn’t force you to play on CSGO with your skins you can actually bet with skins on anything!

I’ve already mentioned something called “Skinpay” above, which essentially is a tool that some esports betting sites utilize in order to help you bet on CSGO matches with skins. Basically, you choose “Skinpay” as a deposit option, just like you would usually choose Visa, MasterCard, Skrill or any other traditional form of depositing funds in a gambling site. This is a great tool in order to substitute shady websites where you might otherwise lose your skins either due to website shutting down, or rigged games. Every single website that we list on esportslobby operates with a valid gambling license, and undergo continuous scrutiny from our staff in order to assess their validity.

To summarize: Skinpay & Skinwallet makes it easy to bet skins on CSGO matches, as you can rest assured that your funds are secure and safe.

Guide: How to bet with skins on Arcanebet

  1. Sign up through this link for a unique €10 free bet on Arcanebet OR
  2. Sign up through this link for a 100% deposit bonus up to €100
  3. Click on “deposit” (top right menu)
  4. Click “payment method”
  5. Choose “Skinpay” or “Skinwallet”
  6. Enter the amount desired and click “deposit”

From here, you will be redirected towards either Skinpay or Skinwallet to confirm your transaction, sign in through steam, and a bot will send you an automatic trade request shortly. Once you’ve traded the selected skins to the bot, your account will be credited with the full amount!

Guide: How to bet with skins on

  1. Sign up and use code “LEGENDS” for a unique 100% up to $50 bonus
  2. Navigate to “deposit” in the menu”
  3. Choose “Skinpay” as the desired payment option
  4. Enter the amount desired and click “deposit”

After you’re sent to the Skinpay website, follow the instruction (login through steam) and wait for the bot to automatically send you a trade request. Once you have traded items to the bot that equals the amount you wanted to deposit, your account will be credited the same amount!

Guide: Bet at using skins

  1. Sign up through esportslobby for a unique 100% up to €100 deposit bonus
  2. Find the big green “deposit” button in the top right corner
  3. Under “payment method”, choose “Skinpay”
  4. Enter the amount desired and click “deposit”

Just like in the two previous guides, you will be sent through to the Skinpay portal once you hit deposit. From here, a bot will send you a trade request through steam in order to fulfill your deposit. Once done, you will be awarded the full value of the amount traded into your account and can start to bet skins on CSGO matches!

Bet CSGO Skins on Casino

Besides CSGO skin betting, you can also use your funds for other stuff, such as esports casino. The offer depends on which bookmaker you use.

I like the offer of best!

Bet on CSGO matches

Remember that if you want to bet on CSGO matches, you aren’t limited to CSGO skin betting. You can bet CSGO skins on matches if you want to – but you can also use real money. Also, you should read of betting guide before starting off (if you are new to it).

Guys. Know you are ready to bet skins on CSGO matches! Good luck, and as always, do not hesitate to contact us with any question.

History of CSGO Skin Betting

bet on csgo matches with skinsLet’s end the post with a history lesson for those of you that are reading about CSGO skin betting for the first time.

What are skins in games?

Skins are virtual goods that you have in a game. These goods don’t affect the outcome of a game in any way but are rather there for a design, prestige, and personalization. At least, this was the initial intention of skins. An example is designed weapons in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

But as skins became popular it automatically got a monetary value and basically became a virtual currency for trading amongst gamers. Eventually, platforms were created were you could use your skins to bet on matches or play casino games with. The perfect example is CSGO skin betting as it grew tremendously over the course of a year.

Why did skin betting get a bad reputation?

Valve (makers of CSGO) did themselves enable gambling with skins – but third-party operators did. And these operators didn’t have the right licenses to operate a gambling platform, as “skins weren’t defined as a real currency”.

Underage Gambling

As the platforms didn’t have any licenses they didn’t really care if the player was underaged or not. Which quickly became a problem. Eventually, many of these sites got a seize and desist order – but yet today, a lot of illegitimate sites exists.

Real Skin Betting Sites

But the demand for betting with skins was still very much alive (as not all people are underaged). That is why we have legit esports betting sites today that are offering skins as a deposit option for your gambling experience.

The positive effects of CSGO skin betting?

Not everything with CSGO skin betting is bad. Many argue that the possibility to bet skin on CSGO matches was the sole reason that the game didn’t die out – and become as big as it is today as an esport.


Well, we all know that betting on matches makes watching them a lot more fun – which was exactly what happened.

Dota 2 Skin Betting and Other Games

Many relate skin betting with CSGO, but actually, there are other games as well. Valve’s Dota 2 is an example where you have in-game skins that are “cosmetic costumes” of the Heroes you play. These skins have been used exactly the same way as for CSGO skin betting but didn’t draw as much attention. The reason is that these costumes are so rare that it couldn’t be supported as a virtual currency.

Other games that utilizes skins are:

  • Team Fortress 2
  • FIFA series by Electronic Arts
  • Eve Online

bet skins on matches

The Future of Skin Betting

The future of skin betting isn’t certain. Most game developers are avoiding building platforms for “safe” and regulated betting, but rather banning it altogether. Whether it will be possible or not is yet to be seen, but companies tend to want to avoid these kinds of situations rather than solving them.

csgo skin betting

Some of the events that were related to CSGO skin betting problems

Here are some of the bad events that happened related to skin betting.

  • May 2016: Skin betting site, CSGOStakes, closes without notice and everybody with credit on their site lost their credits.
  • June 2016: A CSGO Steamer was told in advance if he was going to win or lose – in exchange for endorsement and making the steam more popular
  • June 2016: Lawsuit against Valve was filed.
  • July 2016: Two esports personalities promoted a skin betting site that owned themselves.
  • July 2016: Valve requests sites to stop using parts of its platform.
  • July 2016: Twitch bans streams that contains skin gambling content.
  • July 2016: Valve goes for a cease and desist to over twenty csgo skin betting sites. Not all complied.


csgo match betting with skins

You can bet CSGO skins in a numerous amount of ways. But here is how people do it:

Sportsbook is by far the largest one. Remember that if you are looking to bet skins on CSGO matches, to use those CSGO skin betting sites that are legit. You don’t want to give your money to a bunch of scammers.

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CSGO gambling sites still up

These three websites are handpicked because of their quality, reputation and overall offering of numerous games, such as match betting, roulette, crash betting, and more. While we are aware that more websites exist, these three stand out because of the aforementioned reasons. If you are “coin-hunting” (a person jumping from website to website to grab free coins and hope to win big) then we’re sorry to say that we won’t list those anywhere on our website. We are dedicated to working with long-term partners which with we have a continuous communication channel to ensure that you have a voice. These websites are the best on the market right now, and even though we recommend you to bet on CSGO matches with skins using Skinpay instead, these will absolutely do the trick.