Annoying when you can’t find any Counter-Strike to look at… but it is just a couple of days left until the new season starts (and Dreamhack Malmö!).

Today I am just going to write about my top five teams that I think will be in the top for the upcoming ESL Pro League S6. I am taking into consideration that Pro League is online and that all teams aren’t focusing on it!

Remember that betting on the favorites isn’t always the best thing to do. Sure, it is a safe bet – but the reward is often not worth the risk!

5. Fnatic – It’s Happening

They have had problems coming back to old forms. And I think most experts are agreeing on why. The team haven’t taken it seriously to develop a completely new play style, using tactics in a way they haven’t before. I mean crying out loud, Fnatic’s first real boot camp was before the last PGL Major!! I think Fnatic will win at least one big event this year.

Update: Fnatic have decided to change their roster, so they will probably not be winning anything this year =)

4. FaZe – Exciting Roster

With a new roster, FaZe might flop or win big this year. With GuardiaN in the team they might do great things. In my opinion, there’s a risk that nothing will change, a good team, but never #1. The team is doing to many roster changes without practicing enough with the team they already have.

In the end, FaZe will be a contender for the big prizes – but never go the whole way.

3. G2 Esports – Can They Stop Throwing

I have high expectation of the French team but it seems like they trip as soon as they go far. Nonetheless, they should be a great competitor during ESL Pro League S6.

2. Astralis – Danish Warriors

Unfortunately, I can’t with a light heart say that the Danish team is the number one anymore – but close. I don’t think I have to explain why they are one of the best in the teams. From a betting point of view, Astralis will pretty much always have low odds.

1. SK Gaming – The Best Team in the World

They have had their ups and downs, but I believe SK is the best team against most opponents. They struggle against some playstyles – but overall, they are unbeatable!

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