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Game Start 17:00 CEST – 28 March 2017

These lower tier matches present far better opportunities than events such as ESL Pro League… Bookmakers have a time valuing the odds and they are kind of easier to predict.

[Red Reserve vs PRIDE] – ML Red Reserve, 1.9 @loot.bet | Low Bet

Whether you want to bet on Red Reserve or PRIDE today you can find an underdog bet somewhere. Loot.bet for instance says Red Reserve are the underdogs (1.9 odds Red), while Bet365 says the opposite (2.1 odds PRIDE)!

Historically, you would believe PRIDE to be the better team. They should have better aimers and a more experienced team set-up. However, looking at their recent performance (a month back) they seem to be in a horrible losing streak.

Red Reserve on the other hand have managed to win all their games since the merger between Red and Orbit.

Now, we shouldn’t forget that PRIDE have been playing against much more experienced and better teams than Red have.

This is a BO1 and it could basically go either way but I am prone to stick with the team that have shown better form – will keep it extremely low today though.

Sorry for delaying with the spreadsheet,