Artifact, the new “Dota” card game

Valve has announced that they will release a new ”Dota” card game in 2018, for how and when to bet on Artifact see the end of this article. But if your interest extends Artifact betting, then you should continue reading this article. All the information and data regarding the release or the game we have you can read in this post. Below you can see a short teaser of what is about to come in 2018.

Valve is the developer behind games like Left for Dead, Portal and Half Life. For a long time, people have been waiting for Valve to create a new game, hopefully a game as anticipated as the ones they created above. Valve is considered as one of the top game developers in the industry. So, when they announced that they are releasing a new card game instead of creating a sequel for their previous games. An online backlash started against Valve and their decision. Being a top developer in the industry creates expectations from the people, and with expectations there comes hype, and the hope to finally try this new amazing game, and then Valve announced they are following the trend of card games. This just killed all the hype and hope people expected.

So naturally people are angry and disappointed. But behind all the anger and disappointment we see and hear online, there is a great game they have been working on. So, let’s take a look at what they have done with the little information we know. And don’t forget, Artifact betting will probably be even bigger than hearthstone. For those who enjoys betting on Artifact, you have even another reason to be hyped.

This is why Dota 2 players will enjoy Artifact rather than rejecting it

First of all, this developer is still known as creating pretty amazing esports games, so even if card game doesn’t sound as appealing we never know what to expect from (except great games). So be open minded and keep your hype, especially if you are a Dota 2 player. Here are some reasons why!

Official Dota 2 lore, at last!

We all know nothing will compete with World of Warcraft lore, because there are just no other better than WoW’s out there. So, I won’t even claim that Dota 2 lore could compete with WoW. But finally, through Artifact we have the lore of the game people are used to be playing a lot.

When Valve acquired Dota 2 all the heroes were taken from World of Warcraft, and since the acquisition no lore has been released. With Artifact, Valve will create lore’s and enlighten us about the origins of the Dota 2 game. This is confirmation from one of the developers from Valve that announced on his twitter that the game will be lore-heavy.

Artifact will be much more relaxed compared to Dota 2

For those who spend hours of their day at work or in school, and want to come home to a relaxing game they can play, Dota 2 is rarely a good option. It’s not relaxing and each game take a lot of energy and focus, not to mention many hours. But Artifact will probably be the best Dota 2 alternative on the market. So, if you enjoy Dota 2 but feel that time and other variables prevent you from playing it, then Artifact will most likely be your go to game.

In Artifact you will not only have one board, you will have three boards, and you will be in control of five heroes. They even say that you will earn golds by killing heroes and creeps, and of course use it to buy new items. Those who tried it say it feels a lot like the Dota 2 game but in the body of a card game.

There are some rumours regarding Artifact being developed for your mobile devices as well. This way you can really just relax on your sofa playing the game on your phone or pad.

Valve is a dominant player in esports

As mentioned above, Valve is one of the top game developing companies in the world. With that being said, we do not need to assess whether or not this developer is eligible enough to make games, of any calibre. They already own some of the most popular esports games, making them leaders in the esports segment. What they are doing now following the trend of card games with the creation of Artifact is just the perfect strategy of dominating the esports industry.

To be honest, I can see a lot of (ex) professional Dota 2 players that can shift over to Artifact, instead of retiring from the game completely.

From all the data we have got so far, I think Valve is in this to change the card game, and the view that people have about the game. They aren’t just creating a new card game, they are making a MOBA card game with a lot anchoring to Dota 2. We can expect a shift of card games, and Valve is the player to make this happen.

Steam market integration

Another reason Valve’s card game can break the internet is of course because of Steam. They run the biggest digital game distribution platform, and never before have there been a digital trading card game, but with Valve’s Artifact in combination with Steam, we might just witness that.

Not to mention the Artifact betting side of having the opportunity to run Steam. This will definitely make Artifact betting more interesting than Hearthstone betting.

Artifact betting – when and where!

When the game releases in 2018 you will most likely be able to bet on Artifact right away. And there will probably be at all the esports niched bookies. After all Artifact betting will be a niche of esports betting, but with the rise of Hearthstone betting we know we can count on the esports bookies to deliver odds on Artifact betting as well.


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