Esportslobby was created by four passionate gamblers and avid esports fans in order to fuse the currently fragmented world of esports betting with the already well-established gambling industry. Never before has there been so many websites out to scam their users in order to make a quick buck. The final straw came when one of the founding members of the company was ripped out of several hundreds of dollars from a self-proclaimed “esports focused bookmaker”. He quickly realised that he had nowhere to turn to in order to find handmade and in-depth reviews into these emerging websites.

That is why we exist. To serve you the best insight into both popular and new esports betting sites. Our vision is to create a platform that is able to leverage shady-ass bookmakers into bankruptcy by uniting our visitors and take them down together, and promote the ones that are not out to simply scam you of your money.

We ask you to please gamble responsibly and adhere to your local laws regarding gambling and hazard-game restrictions. If you feel that betting has become a problem for you or someone close, a great place to start is here.